A SQUARE APART | Laura Niculescu & Adrian Dică

Laura Niculescu & Adrian Dică

Curator: Diana Andrei

The Palace of the Parliament
Hall Constantin Brâncuși
Izvor # 2-4, 5th District, Bucharest

Opening day: 8 04. 2021 h 10:00 -17:00
Exhibition: 8 – 28 04.2021 M-F 10:00 – 17:00

The exhibition joins works of two young painters, Adrian Dică and Laura Niculescu, known for their solo and collective exhibitions in Bucharest and other European capitals.
Their works are placed face to face in a dialogue between two bodies of works in becoming for almost two years, since their last personal exhibitions. A few paintings are for each artist milestones of the old and new artistic search.

The spiritual bridges born between their works form a powerful structure of elements interrelated. One dimension is the physical one and by folding equally and vertically we get the the spiritual one, and then by continuous folding a multidimensional space arises and that’s how the name of the exhibition was born. Apart is not about separation, is about relating in a structure of elements that generates a conversational space.

Both projects are born from a tension similar to the one of a person who, caught in a flying airplane or in a situation that he cannot control, starts to reevaluate. The boundaries and connections with the old landscape become temporary null and obsolete in their works, everything is revalued, recomposed and distilled until space and time disappears.